Gencork - Cork Delaunay 3D



The Corkdelaunay 3D pattern is a three-dimensional version of a Delauney 2D script. Flat lines
give way to an irregular topographical surface made up of triangles of different sizes. It’s a
vibrant model that explores the many aesthetic particularities of digital manufacturing. The bold
design allows for multiple configurations and a great versatility, generating a play between light
and shadow.


Gencork - Cork Delaunay 3D.02


MATERIAL: ICB  | Insulation Cork Board

Length :100 cm
Width: 50 cm
Thickness: 10 cm

Made in Portugal
100% natural, ecological, 100% recyclable
95% energy self-sufficient production
Hypoallergenic properties
Fire, water and weather-resistant
Perservation and respect for trees
Misuse can cause product deterioration
Digital fabrication – CNC milling machine
Cork color changes with exposure to sunlight (UV)
Cork’s scent is natural and non-toxic, it disapears with time
Cork grains are not edible