CorkFractal_ Explores cork molecular structure ( hexagonal grid ) as a starting point to bridge the visible to invisible to the human eye. Using a recursive subdivision to divide the panels in bigger and smaller density areas, CorkFractal is composed by an hexagonal grid subdivided infinitely to a scale not visible to the human eye. The result is a group of 2d lines, milled in the cork panel, generating a perception that the panel is composed by a conglomerate of hexagons and triangles, controlled by the recursive algorithm.

DESIGN BY: Ana Ferrão ,Bruno Perereira e Gil Pedrosa



MATERIAL: ICB  | Insulation Cork Board

Width: 100cm
Lenght: 3 cm

Made in Portugal
100% natural, ecological, 100% recyclable
95% energy self-sufficient production
Hypoallergenic properties
Fire, water and weather-resistant
Perservation and respect for trees
Misuse can cause product deterioration
Digital fabrication – CNC milling machine
Cork color changes with exposure to sunlight (UV)
Cork’s scent is natural and non-toxic, it disapears with time
Cork grains are not edible